With the decades of experience of our colleagues, we can complete the planning and implementation of the most advanced solar power plants and energy storage systems.

Design and implementation of solar power plants

We undertake the design, construction, and service provider management of industrial-scale solar panel systems as part of a full service.

Design and implementation of energy storage systems

We are ready for the complete planning and implementation of the most modern energy storage systems, as well as the conversion of any essential electrical infrastructure, relying on the decades of experience of our colleagues.

Modernization of energy

Following an energy audit, we identify the improvements that will lead to the greatest energy savings, taking into consideration consumption habits, site characteristics, and infrastructure. Depending on the results of the audit, we plan and completely implement energy-saving investments.


We've learned throughout the years that it's often necessary to deviate from an electrical plan during execution. Our organization believes in execution-oriented electrical design, which implies that execution practice is translated to design rather than the other way around. Furthermore, not only the implementation but also the operational experience must be woven into the planning process so that we have a comprehensive, all-encompassing, proper strategy that takes all factors into consideration. Based on our decades of experience, we can declare that we understand the most common design issues that occur during construction and operation, and in numerous situations, we have effectively avoided them.

Our goal during planning is to understand each other with the customer, contractor, user, operator and the electrical safety inspector.


Construction-oriented electrical design and value-maximized construction are made complex by professional operation. In each case, we prepare the operation plan after an individual evaluation and assessment. We provide the following sub-processes:


We offer services ranging from value-maximized construction to full-service premium solutions in the fields of classic electrical installation, lighting technology, and intelligent integrated building control to our customers. Our primary activities include electrical system design, construction, and operation.